Victoria’s Rain-Making Control ACT 1967.

Bought to our attention a few days ago by a friend of Knights of the Cradle (Sue)… If you still think that the governments around the world don’t control the weather, think again. this act was created in 1967, imagine what technology they have today and what they are using it for. The Chem trails really come to the forefront when looking at things like this.

“An Act to regulate certain Rain-making and other Cloud modification Processes, to make Provision with respect to Claims for Damages against Persons lawfully engaged therein and for other purposes.”

Section 8; “At the request of the Minister of an adjoining State administering any Act corresponding with this Act the Minister may authorise rain-making operations to be carried out in Victoria to promote rainfall in the adjoining State.”

Check out the ACT for yourself –


While conducting further research into this and other Government operations regarding weather manipulation and monitoring, we came across this article;

Have you heard of The Jindalee Operational Radar Network or JORN for short? Take some time and research the operations here in Australia.

Jindalee Operational Radar Network

A Jindalee Operational Radar Network(JORN) transmitter site at sunset, Harts Range, Alice Springs.


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